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Although not specific to the topic of homeschooling children on the autism spectrum, Reports from a Resident Alien is potentially useful blog for those parents who seek to better understand the thought process of someone on the Spectrum.

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The blog is written by an adult woman with autism, and topics cover just about every aspect of life. Teaching Tommy is the blog of Lisa Jo Rudy, a leading voice in homeschooling children with autism. This active Facebook group has more than , followers. Though not exclusive to homeschooling children with autism, the group is for autistic people, parents of autistic children, and professionals to share resources and news.

This blog is a great resource for those parents who are unschooling their children with autism, but who were not unschooled themselves. This book by Lisa Jo Rudy is full of suggestions on how to get outside and have fun.

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This book by Terri Dowty is a collection of personal stories from parents who homeschool their children on the autism spectrum. Each story provides support and ideas that are beneficial to those just beginning. Author Christine Field is an experienced homeschool mom, ensuring that the book is both sympathetic and helpful.

There are also step-by-step instructions on things like reading body language, dealing with perfectionist tendencies, coordination skills, handwriting, and more. Homeschooling the Child with Autism is a useful guide that aims to answer the most common questions parents have about teaching their autistic child at home. Also included are useful tips for maintaining a successful home education program.

The book is written by Kathy Kuhl, who herself homeschooled a struggling child from elementary school through graduation. This book is a helpful resource for parents who include ABA therapy in their homeschool schedule. The concise and practical text answers the most common questions about how ABA can help an autistic child and how to deal with ABA therapists and agencies, among other things. Parents of struggling readers may find this book to be helpful.

It also provides the reader with a number of useful ideas. ABCmouse is an online curriculum for children ages It provides more than lessons and 8, activities on subjects such as reading, math, science, and art and colors, and is designed for students to complete on their own. A common choice of curriculum among both homeschoolers and private Christian schools, Abeka curriculum is based upon spaced repetition, drills, and workbooks.

The curriculum comes with DVDs that add a visual and interactive component to the lessons. Perfect for the child on the autism spectrum, this program can be done online or via CD. The full math curriculum features easy-to-follow instruction and is based on the proven methodology of the test-grade-review cycle. All About Reading is a hands-on and sensory-friendly reading curriculum that has been well received by both young homeschooled children and their parents.

The myriad activities allow children to develop reading skills at their own pace without stress or frustration. Each category compiles the latest in education, and all programs have been tested in actual therapy environments. The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia, better known as ACE, is a complete education package with curriculum that can be customized. This flexible secular curriculum has been around for more than years, and has been the chosen curriculum of hundreds of homeschooling families, military families stationed overseas, and even professional child performers and athletes.

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Calvert is so appealing because it is totally flexible, and families have the option of going with the entire homeschool curriculum or just individual courses. Designed by a dedicated homeschooling mom with six kids from ages two to 15, Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool is a free online curriculum that requires only a computer and the internet. Nearly all materials are free, and the curriculum does not require any major books or supplies.

Explode the Code is a unique reading curriculum designed to help children build a strong literacy foundation. The well-received program additionally aims to help children become lifelong readers. Gemm Learning is an online curriculum tailored to fit each child based upon online behavioral and reading assessments. As an added bonus, real-time support from educators is available seven days a week.

Neat and legible handwriting is an important skill for any child. Handwriting Without Tears provides multi-sensory handwriting instruction that is developmentally appropriate for each stage of Kindergarten through 5th grade. K12 is a tuition-free online public school. Older students who are hesitant about math will appreciate Life of Fred Mathematics. Math-U-See is a favorite curriculum for parents of autistic children.

This is due in large part to its included manipulatives and helpful paper work. A classical curriculum well suited, but not exclusively designed, for children on the autism spectrum. The Miquon Math curriculum is ideal for students who need to work with their hands in order to understand math concepts. The simple and visually plain workbooks provide for a distraction-free work environment, while manipulatives are included to help the student understand. The Oak Meadow Curriculum is a unique homeschool curriculum well suited for students with autism or disabilities.

Lessons are exciting and vary day-by-day, and accommodate all learning styles. Saxon Math is a math curriculum commonly used in public schools, but well suited for children on the autism spectrum. The curriculum is characterized by its straight-forward approach and interactive manipulatives. The curriculum, which is more of a framework for achieving educational goals, includes online resources, guidelines for proper assessments, and plenty of teaching materials.

Designed exclusively for children on the autism spectrum, this software-based curriculum comes in two different programs: TeachTown Basics and TeachTown Social Skills. Each combines computer-based and parent-led activities with relatable animated characters.

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Time4Learning is a popular curriculum choice for parents of students with autism. The Autism Show is an online radio cast meant specifically for autism parents and educators — or parent educators. The weekly show always covers relevant and helpful topics, and features a variety of autism advocates, educators, organizations, and authors. A variety of renowned professionals contribute to this podcast series covering new and relevant information about autism and mental disabilities. The podcasts can be especially helpful in assisting homeschooling parents in creating goals for their student.

Though Savvy Homeschool Moms is not specific to homeschooling children with autism they do have an entire episode on the topic however , this podcast still proves itself invaluable to anyone trying to educate their children at home. Each episode answers listener questions, reviews new resources, and discusses various tips and ideas.

Part of the Bam! Some topics discussed include helping kids overcome challenges such as dyslexia, strategies for teaching children on the autism spectrum, developing communication systems, and more. Speech and language pathologist Carrie Clark hosts this popular podcast. On this mostly free website, parents of children with autism can find fun and unique art projects with which to pursue with their student.

Do2Learn is an interactive website that acts as a fun way for children to practice both behavior management and social skills while learning. The site includes thousands of free pages. Activities include songs, games, academic material, and communication cards, among so much more. There are hundreds of free games, printables, and videos available on Funbrain. Aimed at children from preschool to 8th grade, Funbrain is a fun and unique way for students to practice key skills such as shapes, letter sounds, fractions, etc.

More supplementary activity than curriculum, the Fundanoodle I Can Pound Kit is designed for Kindergarteners and other young learners who might benefit from hands-on activities to learn letters. The kit includes pound-out letter sheets, coloring sheets, dot-to-dots, and other activities that can be done independently. Another great Fundanoodle resource for young children with autism are the Muscle Mover Cards.

Homeschooling: The Alternative for Caring Christian Families

Available in both uppercase and lowercase options, each dry-erase card includes a traceable letter on one side, and a fun animal-themed activity on the other an immediate brain break! Green Kids Crafts Subscription Program is an awesome resource for homeschooling parents in need of some arts and crafts ideas.

Homeschooled children with autism can supplement their curriculum where needed thanks to IXL Learning, a website which provides students with activities aligned with the most common curriculum standards. The website requires a low monthly subscription fee, and has activities in math, language arts, science, and social studies for grades K This online resource consists of interactive games and lessons aimed at young children as they learn language and literacy skills.

Reading Eggs is an online resource for games to help young children practice reading skills. The subscription-based program includes tons of videos and activities that a child with autism will both enjoy and be able to complete at his or her own pace. For many homeschooling parents, art presents a particularly unique challenges, which is why Sparketh Online Art Lessons is such an appealing and ideal resource. The internet-based resource allows for parent-guided or independent work, and walks students through a series of fun, easy-to-understand art projects.

The school system was sucking the life out of him.

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There are a lot of hurdles to success in homeschooling: meeting state guidelines, making sure your child gets a high school degree, helping your child compete for college admissions, and more. Parents often decide what kind of religious or non-religious education their kids will get, and the kids either follow suit or rebel. When Smith decided to homeschool her son and started searching online for resources, she realized most homeschool families are Christian. Eventually, she started following secular homeschooling message boards and Facebook groups to figure out which lesson plans are atheist-friendly and which science books and instructors will teach evolution.

Finding non-religious resources has been difficult at times. Each day, Aiden wakes up around 10 a. He uses a computer to bypass his handwriting problems, and he and his mom have come up with creative interpretations of traditional subjects that get him more excited to learn.

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