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Feeling Good is What Nonprofits Sell

Book World. From the eBook edition. There WAS authentic talking and listening — which I believe is the true definition of communication. It should leave you and the donor with a glow of warmth about the good things that can happen because of the gift that was just promised. The Art of Asking is no big secret. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Please, pledge whatever you can in support of Bicycling for Soldier's Heart. The soldiers were there for you - keep the Covenant - the unspoken agreement that we will be there for them as they were there for us.

To do less, well, just doesn't work heart wise, now does it? They need you now - help Wayne, help Soldier's Heart, and do, please pass this link along. Louisiana is about life: a rich, full, raucous, outrageous will to life, claiming itself no matter what. Here, about fifty miles north of New Orleans, it was in morning when the power went down. It would be PM, eighteen very long, very hard, very hot days later when the power came back on.

During that time we had no true pictures of what our beloved city was going through, nor the coast, nor the surrounding parishes—just voices on the radio crying of the horror and soul-tearing destruction which Katrina had wrought.

When the power came back on, we began to get an idea, only an idea because pain like that, loss like that does not truly translate into camera shots, into sound bytes. There is something resilient, heroic, about folks who love their city taking brooms to hand to clear the banquettes; there is something life-affirming in reading of those same folks clearing the streets for emergency vehicles to pass through. Joshua Clark, Heart Like Water.

She is a dream carved out of the river lands; a vision birthed so long ago, held onto with desperation in the post-hurricane times despite intense heat, suffocating humidity, ravenous mosquitoes, and other things best left in dark corners and crevices unseen, but so visible after these storms. Luke Cathedral; sheets, or a mud filled sock, hanging suspended from a tree in Lakeview; the devastation of the 9th Ward; the wave-eaten town of Waveland on the Mississippi Gulf Coast—gone, just gone, pulverized by wind by the first eye wall; tidal surged and dragged out to sea by the heart of Katrina, pulling out every cell of the town.

Josh and a handful of others stayed—to witness, to tell the story of the heart of the Crescent City being bled by Katrina. They stayed, they survived to share the story—to take us to the warehouse that was filled with produce while people hungered in the Superdome; to that same warehouse as it blows sky high with its adjacent building, yet another victim of the post storm chaos. It is Josh who baptizes himself in the muddied waters of the main water artery of this country, as he eases himself into the mighty Mississippi in a kind of spiritual joining.

Josh and those with him have lived in a place apart—lived in it, lived through it—and found parts of themselves that could survive it all, just as New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast has. He tells us a story of the city; of parishes and counties; of a coast ripped, blown, muddied, burned and gouged apart—that can only be brought together again with the massive effort, coordination, and cooperation that comes from joined hearts and minds. Heart Like Water intoxicates because of its truth, its visceral reality.

I could not but sip slowly from its pages; walking with Josh through the Quarter; aching in Lakeview; crying on the bridge looking down at the 9th Ward; venturing inside homes and lives shredded by this cataclysmic storm. He gives us water, mud, and things we would rather had always stayed in the dark. He hands us soaked family pictures, unredeemable.

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He tears out our hearts with pieces of homes, of furniture, of jobs, of lives tangled in the wreckage of the pain of this unnecessary horror. And yet he shows us, step by step, street by street, town by town, that we go on, despite life-eviscerating winds, home-gagging water, hollow promises made in our Jackson Square. And then follow the lead he gives you, and help us help the Crescent City, the wetlands, the Gulf Coast—understand what you personally have to lose if we lose our wetlands, the port, and the coast we hold so dear.

What the candidates, none of them, seem to "get" is that the public wants them to take a stand for what is right - not partisan, but right. The only way for them to come to that place, is for the voters to constantly remind them of what is needed; for the voters to remind them that governing by fear is destructive.

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The public needs to remind those "in power" that any limitation of freedoms does not protect freedom - the Constitution sets up the guidelines - it would not have been ratified without the Bill of Rights. The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that the Constitution calls for a separation of Church and State. The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that no one starts a war without an exit plan; that no one with a heart rooted in our Constitution seeks to unbalance the balance of power.

The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that they are there to serve the best, the vital interests of the welfare of the country - not their own ends, not the ends of those who give massive campaign contributions. The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that they represent the people, not a handful of corporations. The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that we are all born, we all die, and that in between we need the best health care possible and that we don't need to be bankrupted by it. The public needs to remind those placed "in power" that if you make Veterans you are responsible for their well being.

It might well be worth public funding of campaigns to eliminate the lobbyists with their special interests so that the interests of the country might be represented, and tended to. It might be well worth sitting down and reading your Constitution to remember what its intent is - and that is not special interests, unbalanced power, nor pre-emptive war. Where exactly are those WMD's? The public might do well to ask where the ones that Saddam once did have came from.

You won't like the answers, but the answers will raise serious questions that the responsible public should ask - what is being done, by whom, in my name? We need to be aware that we need a new mythology; that we need a new vision. You might find some new paths, new ideas to examine at these sites - opened minds help to open hearts - open hearts learn compassion - open hearts have no need to be ruled by fear - face realities and work through them.

MetaHistory - Beyond the Tyranny of Beliefs. Mythic Imagination. Future Primitive. Ah, oh yeah, if you have even one credit card, you really, really, really need to know about this little thing called the universal default rate. Once you learn about it, do give your Representatives and Senators a holler about it. Be a friend, let your friends in on this great awakening. And just think, you never have to pay any bill late; never have to pay a fee for an overdraft and have this happen as an additional penalty - they just let you play when they feel like it!

Anyone remember the American Dream? Time for Mr. Stewart to take to the banking again - or to go to Washington - with your voice.

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Maybe there is hope for us. Contact Congress. Reduced rates for Veterans. The Fable of the Whale and the Dolphin Submitter: Remy Benoit Date: GMT For illuminating essays and short stories that will encourage you to think, respond, and perhaps even pick up a pen yourself, please join P. To answer your question, a ruricolist is someone who lives in the country1 You may rate the importance of this proposal : proposals are presented on pages like this in order of rating. It has been 4 decades since Ron Kovic told his story in Born on the 4th of July which graphically outlined treatment at the VA.

It is no secret that soldiers were exposed to nuclear testing National Association of Atomic Veterans, Inc.

The cases, suits, horrid illnesses associated with Agent Orange are no secret. Agent Orange. It is no secret that living with PTSD is living in a living hell. It is no secret that any given evening about a quarter of a million of our Veterans are sleeping on the streets. It is no secret that there are about , Veterans on VA waiting lists - often for months. It is no secret that depleted uranium may cause health problems when it enters the body.

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Depleted Uranium. Look for the upcoming book by Lonnie D. Let's assume that it is a given that we know that historically there have been, and currently are, major issues involving the care of our Veterans. Last week, Senator Jim Webb's bill that soldiers be given down time proportionate to their time in combat was voted down. If, if each family with someone in active duty wrote, e-mailed, called Congress or the White House there would be at the very least a half a million contacts. If multiple family members did that, the numbers would grow.

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If every Veteran and his or her family did that, the numbers would explode. If all Americans did that, the numbers would burst out with a voice that could not be denied. So, back to the initial question - Where are you, America? The problems above can be taken righteous care of if you pick up the phones, write the letters, click the keys and demand they are. One more time, Where are you, America? Keep the Covenant. Be there for them as they are, and have been for you.

It is the right, it is the only decent, moral thing to do. As always, I need your comments and your guidance. You may read all three parts of the article at this site starting on August 28 and 29, the latter the second anniversary of Katrina. Coast News: If you thought Katrina was the big one, wait till you see what's coming to your neighborhood. Join us for Louisiana In Words.