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One of the key qualities a good salesman should have is grace under pressure, which is why you want to ace this question. Below are some things you should keep in mind when answering this question:. However, you should keep in mind that any good salesman is always passionate and enthusiastic about their product. Therefore, even if your first instinct will be panic, control your panic and instead try to bring out your positivity. In doing so, you transfer your positivity to the product, making it attractive.

It also communicates your confidence and encourages the customer to trust you. A good way to show positivity is to start by smiling. Watch your body language. Nod, laugh, maintain eye contact — anything that communicates your enthusiasm and shows the customer that he or she has your attention.

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Keep in mind that you are not selling the pen to an unknown person. Your buyer the interviewer is right there in the room with you. Ask her questions. Cultivate a rapport. Understand what she wants or needs, then use it to sell her the pen. Use what the interviewer tells you to convince her that she needs this pen you are selling.

Remember, getting her to buy the pen remains your top priority. Empathize with whatever she says and use that to sell her your pen. By doing this, you show that you are aware that the customer is the most important aspect of any sale. What the customer wants is always at the top of his mind, and he uses that information to make his sale.

Since this is a job interview and not a real buyer-seller situation, sometimes the interviewer will treat your pitch with hostility or refuse to play along. When you try to ask him questions, he might brush you off.

The Pen. Rewritten.

When you try to cultivate a rapport, he might tell you to get to the point or get lost. Instead, you should remain focused on your goal — selling the pen. Find a way to circle back to your pitch. Just take care not to come off as pestering the customer. Be genuinely affable and your tenacity will come off as good-natured and even inspiring. The first option is for necessities. The second one is for everything else. The answer to that question is the key to the entire advertising industry. The interviewer probably owns several pens.

This particular one is not a necessity.


If you want them to buy your pen, find a way to get them emotionally attached to it. Find a way to make them feel that buying it will give them pleasure. They key to infusing your sale with emotion is to use stories. Stories are reservoirs of emotion. A good story can make people weep, laugh, or feel pride. This is the definition of marketing. Below are some real life examples of answers to this question by applicants who went on to get hired. Interviewer: [taking a pen from his pocket and handing it to you] now, sell me this pen. Take a piece of paper, hand it to the interviewer.

I really loved your article on the effects of technology in the advertising industry. Can I get your autograph? Interviewer: Sure [starts searching in their pocket for a pen]. You: [taking out the pen] Oh, I have a pen right here, but it will cost you a dollar. What you have done in this example is to create a need. By creating a need, you make the interviewer realize that she needs your product for a practical reason.

However, things might not always go as expected. Interviewer [taking out another pen]: Sure, I have a pen right here. You: How long have you had that pen? Interviewer: A month. You: Look at it. It looks a little beat up. You: Really? Just a pen? Think about it. All the things you do with your pen. All the important deals you sign. All the useful notes you jot down.

Interviewer: What are you saying?

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You: A new pen means a new mindset. With a new pen, you can attack the new month with vigor.

Each new deal you sign will feel special. Every piece of information you jot down will feel like the best thing you have ever written down. Interviewer: Interesting. I will get one on my way home this evening. You: No worries. I have one with me right here. Interviewer: Wow, looks like a lovely pen, how much is it? You: Just a dollar.

Instead, you should find a way to take the conversation where you want it to go. Note how this example makes the interviewer aware that she needs a new pen by calling into question the value of her old one.

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Note how the example makes the sale by simply showing the emotional benefits the interviewer stands to gain from buying your pen. This is marketing — telling stories about your products.

maisonducalvet.com/lasarte-oria-grupos-para-conocer-gente.php You: Hi, my name is [your name]. Interviewer: Hello [your name].

You: This is a nice office you have here. You must be a very valuable member of this company.