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As soon as it becomes clear that Seraphina Parrish is not just an ordinary girl, she is sent to the prestigious Washington Square Academy, a boarding school for exceptionally gifted teens such as herself. There she is told that she is a Wanderer, a person with the ability to travel through time, just as her late mother was. She is to be trained and properly educated about the many laws that time travelers need to abide to.

She is also introduced to her two other team members, as each team is made of a Wanderer such as Seraphina , Seer and Protector. His name is Max Bishop and he is, of course, absolutely gorgeous, kind, and well-read. He is also dating another Protector named Perpetua. I also liked that she refused any kind of relationship with Bishop because he already had a girlfriend, regardless of how much she was drawn to him or how mean and obnoxious his girlfriend seem to be.

Unlike Sera, Bishop has no flaws that make him more real.

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His only flaw that I can think of is that he ever allowed himself to be in any way associated with a girl named Perpetua. On a side note, I need to have a serious conversation with my mailman about the stuff he keeps bringing me. Books are fine and all, but I never get pics of mysterious hot guys in my mailbox, which is a damn shame, if you ask me. Wander Dust is self-published, but quite frankly, I barely even noticed. The self-publishing industry just keeps throwing surprises at me. I for one am more than willing to forgive such things in reasonable amounts as long as the story is good enough to keep me interested from start to finish.

The Guardians

This one was that and much more. Also posted at The Nocturnal Library View all 22 comments. Wander Dust is, in a nutshell, the love child of Jumper and Harry Potter. This alone should make you dump everything you're reading and make you trigger-happy with your Amazon account. Well, aside from making you swoon just by thinking about Hayden Christensen This is what I needed to lift me out of my reading slump! I am in awe of Warren's fertile imagination, her plotting skills and her vivid descriptions. This is an author you definitely want to keep an eye on and I promi Wander Dust is, in a nutshell, the love child of Jumper and Harry Potter.

This is an author you definitely want to keep an eye on and I promise her book is certainly worth reading. And it's self-published! This must be the year of the Self-Pubbed Revolution! The story starts with Seraphina celebrating her 16th birthday, in a restaurant, with her dad and his girlfriend.

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That's also when strange things start happening to her: candles igniting by themselves even underwater and a dark, dangerous looking lady trying to fry her brain just by looking at her. When she receives the picture of a handsome guy in the mail and she discovers him stalking her at school, she just knows something's off. After the umpteenth grounding by her father and a near-breakdown due to what she thinks are hallucinations, her father decides to send her to live with her aunt in Chicago and that's when she begins discovering the truth.

Sera can time travel. When she starts attending the prestigious Academy, she learns she is a Wanderer, one-third of a team of time travelers, composed by a Protector and a Seer.


But when she realizes that her time traveling abilities might just lead her to her dead mother and help her change the past, trouble is sure to come her way. Wander Dust is an ambitious book. It deals with time travel, a fact which, in itself, can potentially lead to disaster as well as turning my brain to a mushy goo by trying to figure out the underlying theory. If that weren't enough, its world-building is extremely sophisticated: different settings, real life places in which unreal, logic-defying action scenes take place; incredible, steampunk-ish magical inventions and relics which make time traveling possible.

I loved it. Fortunately, Warner delivers on both counts. She keeps her time traveling theory pretty simple, linear and very clear. I didn't have time to ask myself questions "but what if?

Did I already say her world-building is amazing? I felt like a kid in a candy store just by following Seraphina inside the Academy. It occurred to me that I hadn't encountered such a good, imaginative, magic-ridden setting since the time of Harry Potter. The scenes in Venice a city which I know very well were accurate, realistic - an brownie points for not throwing at me misspelled, cheesy sentences in Italian. You could see she'd done her research there. If even THAT weren't enough to convince you to pick up Wander Dust , rest assured this book will leave you breathless.

It is so fast-paced, action-packed and full of great adventures you won't even have time to realize you're at the last chapter. It's got good characters, a swoon-worthy guy and In my opinion, this book wins the Award for Best Kiss of the year, hands down!

I don't mean to be overly gushy and make you think this book is perfect, because it isn't. Like almost every other self-published book out there, it has a few editing issues BUT it's nothing major that a good professional editor could not quickly remedy and anyway, the story is just so good they didn't bother me at all. Nevertheless, it manages to be way, way better than a good part of the books I have read this year. This series has much potential I was really blown away.

I really can't wait for the second book to come out! Also appears at The Nocturnal Library. View all 19 comments. Nov 22, Ari rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , time-travel , x , self-published , signed.

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This would make a great movie ; When I read a book I usually take some notes, mark some quotes, you know - the usual things you do when you want to remember what the story was about. It's helpful if it takes you long to write the review and you read other books in the meantime. These days the book world has gathered many of them and I enjoy it enormously. When she starts having visions of someone burning her mind she starts to think that she is going crazy. The only thing that makes her feel better is the picture of a boy with beautiful blue eyes that gives her some sort of comfort, making her feel safer.

Thrown into a magical new world were she finds the mysterious boy from the picture trying to clue her in as much as he can and finding more about her capacity of time traveling, her life turns upside down when she realize that she really has a chance to see her mother one more time The only problem is that the only thought is forbidden, not to mention the actual doing so. I loved how the future became entwined in the past, and the visual effects of the moment when one could move from a time to another would make for a great movie scene.

I could see the Earth crashing on Seraphina the very first time she experienced time traveling even without knowing it, and it reminded me a bit of a scene from the movie Inception.

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Also the school was described in a way that, as many have said before, will make you think of a modern version of Hogwarts. Another thing that I enjoyed was the 'travel' to Venice for the carnival - there was a sweet romantic scene in there, so you should watch for it. Only one thing bothered me: the insta-love kind of relationship between Sera and Max.

The book leaves us in a bittersweet place, with some things resolved, but with many questions to be answered about the academy, her mother, the twin, and so on , so if you read this book be sure that you can wait for the next one, because you will want so very much to read it as soon as possible. This review can also be found at ReadingAfterMidnight.

View all 5 comments. Wander Dust didn't read or feel like an indie with it's details to moving the story along, it never hinder or left major plot holes only unanswered questions for further books. There was wonderful character growth and plenty of action with an almost enchanting feel as Sera starts to uncover her powers and the past of her family Sera has always felt isolated, her father is just "there" with no real emotional connection.

Then on her 16th birthday she happens to meet a lady in black who makes h Wander Dust didn't read or feel like an indie with it's details to moving the story along, it never hinder or left major plot holes only unanswered questions for further books. Then on her 16th birthday she happens to meet a lady in black who makes her feel her mind is set ablaze, then almost like magic next day she's able to travel through time itself by holding on to a keepsake,a bracelet, that once belong to her mother Michelle Warren created a society and school where young students learn to control their gifts.

Sera meets others who share her ability along with protectors and seers who form teams to help one another.

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Being a wanderer- she forms a team with the very hunky protector Maxwell and the shy and smart but the socially awkward seer Samantha-sam. Every student is on even ground, but you can see the tug and pull between the team and lack there of. This made it special with the team element and the effect it has on those who are part of the team. There's a deep connection between the team members that bond closer like family. Sera needed them as much as they needed them.

Sera has been raised with the lack on connection, it takes —understanding- sometime for her to trust them and for her confusing feelings she feels for Maxwell to sort out. The school does have a total magical feel to it, and if those who grew up with Harry Potter will know anything with school, magic just triggers this thought foremost in her mind.

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