Think Your Way to Prosperity

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I recognized now what I've been doing right in my life and what I have been doing wrong. I understand why my husband is so successful and I am getting a closer wave-length vibration to him. At first I was distracted because of Leslie's relaxed manner of speaking. However, I finally realized how much more I believed her and I felt comfortable with her manner.

She was so much more approachable and human to me.

How to Develop a Life of Prosperity

I can't thank you enough for putting on this seminar. I am confident now that I can put into practice all of the laws in SGR and more toward my dreams. The examples that you gave from your own and others' lives about how the principles have worked were very inspiring and increased my faith that they do work. I finally feel like I have the secret password to the unlimited wealth club that's been eluding me for so many years. I wish for you and Trevan and your family for a very prosperous life.

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This was a great seminar! I really felt like the information was true. I have more to do now. I need to do my part now and study so that these principles can become second nature to me. The small things I've done based on these laws have made a really huge impact on me.

I also now believe there are no limits to what can happen in my life.

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I am excited to start the rest of my life. I appreciate that Leslie has overcome terror barriers to [create training] that has helped me with so many others. My husband and I have attended many seminars over the last five years and nothing has impacted us like Leslie's seminar. I encourage everyone Everything makes perfect sense now.

So many AHA!! Moments to list. I recommend the seminar to everyone who wants more- which is everybody.

Prosperity Thinking & Personal Power

Truly anything and everything is once again waiting for me. The truth once again presents itself to me in such a clear and scientific way, I have to believe. Let's see- what do I want?

Begin whenever you're ready. Follow the program for 8 weeks, or go through the chapters on YOUR schedule!

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  8. Click here to Order. Hi, my name is Leslie Householder After 7 long years of struggling to keep our heads above water financially, and attending more than seminars on personal and business development in an effort to fix the problem, we finally learned some simple truths from our mentor Bob Proctor that made all the difference. Discover how to use the power of your thoughts to build wealth without competition.

    Learn to rely on success principles, and increase your faith to help you overcome the illusions of scarcity. Jennifer Frink. Jeff Frink. Paula A. Kim A.

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    I like your style, Laid back, soft, nothing to prove I consider myself fortunate to be exposed to this information. I thank you for that.

    Abundance and Prosperity Affirmations

    Trina Johansson. Shari Willis. Abundance is as much about physical things as it is about your state of mind. Do not deride the goodies of our physical world or the trimmings of wealth, or look on them as mutually exclusive to the spiritual wellbeing and inner happiness that we also want. Have both! Accept these two dimensions of your existence. It is easier to be spiritual when you live in a state of abundance. There is much to be said about the 5 star road to enlightenment! Do not believe those who tell you that money is the root of all evil. It is what you do to make that money, or what you do with money once you have it, that has the potential to be evil.

    Prosperity Sayings and Quotes

    Money is neutral. YOU decide how you want to make your money and how you want to use your money! Here are some thoughts on living rich…. Let your space comfort you, inspire you, rouse you to make it in whatever field of work you are engaged in.

    You can't save your way to prosperity. You can't?

    As you grow richer, trade up. Let your lifestyle keep improving. There is no need to please anyone but yourself, and in the matter of being stylish, the rule is that whatever makes you feel good is good for you. Style is a personal thing. It is a statement of what and who you are. Develop your own sense of style. But make it feel as abundant as you can. Part of having wealth is the freedom it gives you to be yourself! In addition to the mansions, the country estates, the New York apartment blocks, the Ferraris and Porsches, private planes and super yachts they also have private zoos, gyms, supermarkets, movie theatres and now I hear the latest in thing is to have their own private towns where all who work for them live amidst the hidden mountains or in private islands in the middle of nowhere!

    Funny thing about the supreme aspirations of us humans; we either love the sea very much or love the mountains! Me I am definitely a mountain person. And when things go out of sync, you direct the mind to find a solution. You change direction or take a new approach, or shut down and start all over again. But whatever negative feelings arise should be instantly countered.

    The mind develops the habit of rejecting negativity of any kind. This brings new skills and knowledge your way. Be curious. Shake off feelings of apathy.