The 100 Day Promise

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Nine of the ten first day promises have yet to see the light of day and the one that did, repealing the Affordable Care Act, was withdrawn when it was clear Republicans didn't have enough votes in their own party to gain passage. Trump actually has had the least prolific legislative first days since Jimmy Carter. But he's been busy with executive orders and presidential memoranda. Coal companies are now freer to let their waste spill into local streams and creeks, the Keystone XL pipeline is again in forward motion, carbon emission standards have been eased, mileage standards for vehicles have been extended and the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency doesn't believe carbon dioxide contributes to climate change.

Illegal immigrants and some who previously believed they were here legally are now easier to deport and we're building new detention centers.

Trump also quickly nominated, and had confirmed, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, and rained down missiles on a Syrian airfield. According to Trump, it's the greatest start in history, for Trump supporters it's an admirable and promising start and to Trump detractors it's a laughable and dangerous debut for a clueless president it's more than a little ironic that many now loudly criticizing Trump's legislative inaction don't actually support any of the proposals.

Trump hasn't learned the hard truth that the White House is not the only center of power. The president has a great deal of latitude as commander in chief of the military, but not much anywhere else. There is the veto pen, the bully pulpit, and the political skills to influence and move a legislative agenda. But it's Congress, the first among separation of powers equals, where real power rests.

It's not clear the president's bravado can influence what's become a fractured and unruly bunch. But he just started. Let's assume Trump's first days have simply been the stumbles of a presidential toddler finding his legs. Legislation takes time and it's possible if not likely some version or elements of the president's campaign promises will eventually come to fruition. Trump detractors will have to get used to the fact that he, his cabinet and to some extent this Congress are going to do things they don't like.

First 100 days: Key promises fulfilled despite restrictions, says Dr Mahathir

That's what happens when you lose the White House after having already lost Congress. The tone being set in the first days is more troubling. Nobody should be excited about Trump's misstatements, falsehoods, late night tweets and insults. Being anti-establishment is one thing; acting like a petulant child quite another. Ongoing investigations into former Trump campaign workers' relationships with Russians aren't so good, either.

Lloyd Burr: Labour's 100-day embellishment

Nor is Trump's refusal to release his tax returns, making it impossible to know if his tax reform proposals directly benefit his various business entanglements. But whether you're a virulent Trump resister or a blind loyalist, there is still plenty of time for a Trump agenda to take shape, to your horror or delight. First Name:.

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