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These tables may be a bit more expensive when compared to other necessary equipment in your office, but they serve a multitude of purposes, especially if you have a design or graphically-minded crew. For those who need the full screen of the coffee table but would prefer to mount it on the wall for presentations, Smart TVs or devices like Google's Chromecast will help make presentations and meetings more interactive and engaging.

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Before you start picking out cloud apps, don't forget you also need to focus on the little things as well. Try installing innovative devices like Spotter, a multipurpose sensor that can detect and alert you when a package is dropped off at your business' door. No more missed package notices from the Post Office or worrying about packages being delivered when you're out. Just send off a quick message to your team or jog down to the office to pick it up yourself. Both of these power strips allow you to remotely control any electronic device that's plugged into the strip through an app on your smart phone.

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You can double check to make sure computers are shut down and the coffee pot is turned off, and by conserving electricity you can make sure that your office is not just smart, but green too. After you've equipped your office with the right technology i.

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Your employees have to work together as a team and they have to have access to the tools they need. Your job is to provide a way for the entire office to function smoothly. In addition to providing a strong Wi-Fi connection inside the office, you'll want to look around for cloud apps that will foster creativity and encourage your employees to work together as a team.

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Back to School Page 1 of 2: Page 1 Page 1 Page 2. One way to positively influence culture and employee wellness is to introduce plants and greenery into an office space. However, these features do add another layer of responsibility for facility managers.

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The sensor is placed in the soil and will send you a reminder via email or text when the plant is ready to be watered, ensuring your plants—and employees—are always healthy. Smart locks help managers secure their buildings by introducing new functionality into the simple mechanisms of a lock. Connecting locks to specific credentials and tracking open times can help companies understand how their teams move through a space and pinpoint any abnormal activity. Some locks provide temporary access credentials as well, which could improve the experience of visitors and clients coming to the office.

Share virtual keys with your employees—and never copy a key again.

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As a facility manager, you are always looking for new technologies to optimize your office space. If you haven't already heard, the future of charging devices is changing rapidly. Energous Corporation has developed WattUp , a wire-free charging technology that can deliver power at a distance to multiple devices: "A Radio Frequency RF system, similar to a Wi-Fi system, delivers safe wire-free charging energy at distances of up to approximately 15 feet from a transmitter to a receiver device.

It's possible for technology to have a positive impact on the experience of staff in the workplace as long as it is well-considered before investments are made.

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  • Being able to connect the workplace to smart technology helps take advantage of new data sources and improves productivity. Managers that can successfully implement tech products in their spaces will benefit from a workforce with fewer pain points, added comfort and more time to focus on productive tasks. Looking to improve the efficiency, security and flexibility of your officespace? Request a free demo today and start using OfficeSpace's software on any device. OfficeSpace Blog.

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    • Smart thermostats Thermal comfort is essential to productivity but settling on the right temperature for your office can be difficult. Interactive maps Large office spaces can be difficult to navigate, especially for new employees or guests.

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      Automated reminders It's no secret that office design can reflect a company's corporate culture and values. Products like the PlantLink sensor can help you automate these tasks by taking the guesswork out of your plant maintenance.