Quitting Smoking for Life (Blakes Go Guides)

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I quit 7 days ago. Simply decided I was done smoking for good this time.

It was my stand by and go to thing since as long as I can remember. Smoked on my way to practice and relentlessly after practice each night studying! Then med school and late nights studying with my trusty stand by Benson and Hedges to keep me awake and alert! Then I began body building and doing triathlons, never considering how smoking a pack per day might be affecting my performance, after all I was in my thirties! Two years and five months, one to two packs per day every day….

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Felt like a hospital resident, out of control… finally put this to rest last week… signed up for three sprint triathlons and two natural body building contests. This will be a true renaissance….. I intend to be done. Entrusted it to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ this time! He Alone will heal me and strengthen me thru this time!

Let it go, pray, have Faith and Believe…. Amen brother. I too am Smoking 30 years. Would like to know how you did it. I just loss my wife last month to lung cancer. You think that would of made me quit?? So, I have mild copd now. Would like tips or any info on products to use or anything to help me get my lungs back in shape.

God Bless.

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Take vitamin D naturally…. One of my trick is exposing my naked back out in the sun! By the end you will not even want to smoke. You will have no withdrawal. I tried to quit about 15 times before. I smoked for 10 years.

Abyssinia, Henry

Feeling great. The perceived stress of quitting is actually caused by nicotine and not the absence of it. You can and should do it now. Hey guys! I just wanted to share a little something. I started smoking when I was 18 and it was about a pack every 2 days or so, and every time I would walk up 4 stairs I would already feel winded only lbs.

Please try again later!

Maybe a year back I completely stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped drinking, and started working out because I was exhausted and gained a lot of fat and was at lbs. I had done a smoothie detox and lost 20 pounds in 10 days, and was running and doing p90x3. I felt so good before that cigarette.

So today I grabbed the rest of the cigarettes and snapped them in half and now I influence all of you to please stop smoking. I hear people at my job everyday that smoke coughing up a lung every 5 minutes, and my great aunt passed away from this. I can see the improvement in her condition just over Facebook pictures. I smoked for 41 years. I am 50 years old its 12 am dec 24, i just put down my new ports for good im sure of that i have smoked for about 35 years can i help myself..

I never did fiend for nicotine.. I am a patient of depression. I smoked almost 17 years. On bringing a baby into the world and what made him stop lighting up, Clive said,. You just think about it going into their little lungs. And when Hannah was born, I stopped. I have to drag Sarah-Jane to a premiere.

Her ultimate present, which I bought her a few years ago, was a Volkswagen Caravan van. The girls have very high status in my house. Chatix AND wellbutryn together has helped me thru the first month so far.

2. Determination Is Key

Have been stopped this long before and quit the meds only to return to smoking more. This time I will stay on two wellbutryns and one chantix each day for six months. Guess we will see.

After forty years, I now have COPD and suffer from severe Fibromyalgia pain which is made worse by the inflammation caused by smoking. Finally decided to quit 3 days ago, and with the aid of a nicotine patch…am hopeful and determined to stick with it. I already feel less chest congestion, and am inspired by this article to do even more to help revitalize and repair my damaged lungs and overall health and wellbeing, very useful information. I also have used the Alan Carr method, I used the book initially but didnt go as well. I have since used the audio book and after a particularly heavy smoking weekend I decided to stop.

That was a couple of weeks ago and its great not having the cravings. Literally, remember you are the only one making you smoke. Get that and the rest is easy. I am also 52 and have smoked since I was 12 so believe me when I say it can be done and without the suffering.

The cravings are literally a passing moment. But quitting is really hard it seems.

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The thought of it even makes me nervous. But since so many people could do it, why not I? I will surely try from now on for myself, my family, my boyfriend and my future healthy life. You should do it! I have quit many times before with always having the feeling like I was missing out on something.

This time is different.

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I had a 2 year plan of cutting down, changed my diet and exercise daily. Chucked the ciggies a month ago.