Dead Boyfriends: A Mystery (Mac McKenzie series)

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Rushmore McKenzie agrees to go undercover to help the ATF track a cache of stolen guns—after all, what could possible go wrong? Mac McKenzie returns with a too-personal case that leads him up the legendary Highway 61 in the latest in David Housewright's awardwinning series. Rushmore McKenzie, a retired St.

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Paul policeman and unexpected millionaire, often works as an unlicensed P. When graduate students Ivy Flynn and Josh Berglund show Homicide cop Bobby Dunston's daughter has been kidnapped, taken in broad daylight on a city street in the middle of September.

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The kidnappers demand a million dollars and force Dunston to get the Right up until they put him in jail, McKenzie thought the cops were kidding. After all, he did them a favor by stopping a rookie cop from roughing up a distraught woman at a murder scene. But the Rushmore "Mac" McKenzie has a lot of old girlfriends, but only one went on to marry the current governor of the state of Minnesota.

And only one is calling him with a desperate request to meet in Mac McKenzie is rich.

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So rich that he's left his job as a Twin Cities police officer and spends his time doing favors large and small for friends. So when an old Marine buddy of his father's calls Paul cop Rushmore McKenzie has more time, and more money, than he knows what to do with.

In fact, when he's willing to admit it to himself and he usually isn't , Mac is downright bored. He lives in St.

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